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22, Escorpião, Россия, Сочи
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If I got a dollar every time I was told that I'm cute ...

Detalhes Importantes de nixie_sea

Preferência SexualBissexual
Altura150 cm - 160 cm
Peso46 - 55 kg (100 - 120 lbs)
LínguasRusso, Inglês
Pelos púbicosDepilada
O que excita-me
Меня безумно возбуждает худоба у мужчин,рельеф мышц на худеньком изящном теле,выступающие вены на руках и шее,маленькая упругая мужская попка и достоинство внушительных размеров)
Sobre mim
I fulfill your wishes. I love you
O que me faz perder o interesse
Неподобающее поведение,хамское отношение.Я за добро,мир и согласие)

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Quinta-feira 10:00 – 22:00
Sexta-feira 10:00 – 22:00
Sábado 10:00 – 22:00
Domingo 10:00 – 22:00
ты сделал мой день зай)спасибо огромное пупсик):*

nyashka-LILI ты сделал мой день зай)спасибо огромное пупсик):* custom pic 1nyashka-LILI ты сделал мой день зай)спасибо огромное пупсик):* custom pic 1


Счастья и Любви Вам)В Новом Году!!!Happiness and Love to You in the New Year!!!!)

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Подарочный сертификат Amazon 100$
Подарочный сертификат Amazon 100$
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Comentários (67)
Dear friend

Our sincerest best wishes for the New Year!

Let 2018 be a very special year for you, filled with pleasant events, enjoyable encounters and new achievements! Hope you have a truly amazing holiday season. May your most cherished dreams come true in the New Year, and may every day be filled with inspiration, love and warmth!

I´m are very happy to have you!
HAPPY XMAS to my sexy queen please enjoy and I will see you soon love all of your stunning body xxx just like when your lovenes goes of
The sweetest lady here!
You are amazingly beautiful and nice, the show is great too!
Much love!
Really cool
most cute babe :P
she can be very dominant. she is gorgeous and you cannot say no to her
Beautiful girl, so sweet and great body. xxx
best voice evaaah
you are simply the cutest model ever on this site and way cuter than the mother of dragons on game of thrones because you are the mother of puppies so damn cute and sexy 24/7
Thank you so much!!!

коротко о моим знаниях английского) lol